• Pieter Nooten

    Someone There

    rgirl132, Release Date: 24/2/2023

    Limited edition 8 track instrumental album by nu-ambient, neo-classical composer Pieter Nooten

    ‘Someone There’ is Pieter Nooten’s sixth solo-album with London based indie label Rocket Girl.

    After leaving 4AD-signed 80’s new wave act Clan Of Xymox in 1990, Nooten has never looked back, refining his skill in crafting heart-wrenchingly gorgeous nu-ambient, neo-classical instrumentals, using nothing more than a lap top and sample libraries. His work received critical acclaim throughout the musical world without Nooten ever compromising his well-defined, particular specialism: weaving extended instrumental pieces that embody strong emotional pathos and refined delicacy at the same time.

    Pieter Nooten composed, mixed and mastered ‘Someone There’ in his minimalist home studio in Amsterdam.

    “…When I listen to Pieter's music, you can feel and correlate to the emotional depth of the music. They're short stories of introspection. From the early days of Clan Of Xymox to the present: Pieter is simply brilliant…







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