• Pieter Nooten

    Se Dire Au Revoir

    rgirl123, Release Date: 22/11/2019

    Pieter Nooten's 5th solo album on the highly acclaimed Rocket Girl label is -once more- a work of intense delicacy and moody introspection.

    Here, Nooten explores the art of subtle, minimalistic orchestration, utilising all the posibilities contemporary instrument sample-libraries have to offer. This means once more Nooten composed, arranged, mixed and mastered his new work completely on the mac book pro, with no outboard gear or instrumentation used. The isolation and utter concentration involved have resulted in eleven masterfully skilled, semi-orchestral works of heartwrenching beauty and exquisite melancholia...


    • Desolate Hotel
    • Moon Shining Bright
    • She Is Asleep
    • Apparition
    • Se Dire Au Revoir
    • Mother's Care
    • Pathos
    • Wandering Cello
    • Melancholia
    • The Philosopher's Walk
    • La TerminaciĆ³n

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