• Pieter Nooten in-store

    Live show and signing at Rough Trade East, London more

  • White Ring to support God Is An Astronaut

    White Ring Tour Dates  more

  • New Fuxa album coming soon

    Randall from Fuxa has been working closely with Richard Formby on his new album. Featuring a numb... more

  • New Pieter Nooten album

    The new Pieter Nooten album has been mixed and produced by the infamous Stephen W Tayler.  more

  • Lucky Dip offers

    As a celebration of the new website, we are offering some Lucky Dip options:  more

Recent Rocket Girl Releases

  • Pieter Nooten
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    You Are My Urusei Yatsura
  • Jon DeRosa
    Black Halo
  • Jon DeRosa
    Coyotes / High & Lonely
  • White Noise Sound
    Like A Pyramid of Fire

Featured Rocket Girl Releases

  • Füxa
    Electric Sound of Summer
  • White Ring
    Black Earth That Made Me
  • Azusa Plane
    Where The Sands Turn to Gold