• Pieter Nooten


    rgirl115, Release Date: 1/6/2018

    The CD version is 60 minutes long (including bonus track I Felt.)

    The vinyl version is specially adapted to fit on a record. Limited edition, 180g vinyl. Comes with a postcard and a download code of the full 60 minute album.

    'Organic beauty from the digital age'

    Rumored to be one of the most intriguing collaboration of 2018, Rocketgirl presents Pieter Nooten’s 4th solo album ‘STEM’ as Nooten teams up with legendary producer/mixer/sound-artist Stephen W Tayler (Kate Bush, Underworld) at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios. ‘STEM’ is probably Nooten’s finest work since collaborating with Michael Brook 30 years ago, producing the timeless cult classic ‘Sleeps With The Fishes’.


    1. Fieldz 2. Quarter Moon 3. Thème Minimaliste I 4. Thème Minimaliste II 5. Freefall 6. Variation In F # Minor 7. Epicural 8. Vari-slowed 9. 2:26 AM 10. I Felt (CD and download only)



    • Fieldz
    • Quarter Moon
    • Theme Minimaliste I
    • Theme Minimaliste II
    • Freefall
    • Variation in F# Minor
    • Epicural
    • Vari-slowed
    • 2.26AM
    • I Felt

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