• Pluxus

    European Onion

    rgirl36, Release Date: 27/5/2002

    If Pluxus is what you categorize as blippblopp-music, this album may change your mind. Like the onion there is both bitterness and sweetness here. Their first full length UK release - these two thirds of an hour should withstand the closest listenings - the album has been carefully tested in the toughest conditions the pluxemburgian engineers could think of.  Now the album is sent for analysis in the rest of the world.

    To those of you who don’t know: "European Onion" is Pluxus´ third album and the warmest and most mature to date, with it’s twelve, sometimes rapid and sometimes trailing melodies.

    Since the previous album "Och resan fortsätter här" a lot of water has passed under the bridges.  This crop is SYNTHetically developed to attract the most particular taste buds. The single "Agent Tangent" (included on "European Onion") was a top five smash in Sweden and has been picking up fans across Europe.

    The opening tune "Rödval, Blåval" ("Red whale, Blue whale") might feel familiar to those of you who have travelled the Seven seas crisscross. The song about Kung den Knege and his knights closely follow, the king who has accepted his post as the patron of the European Onion. With manure up to his knees he has been supervising the onion plantation in every detail.

    Each and ever delivery was illuminated by his proud smile as he shovelled it to the appropriate bin. Off course with knowledge that the European onion would spread far away from the fertile fields of  Pluxemburg.

    Pluxus: Björn Carlberg, Anders Ekert, Adam Kammerland and Sebastian Tesch.

    They all play synthesizers and various electronics.


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    • Kung Den Knege
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