• Pluxus

    Och Resan Fortsätter Här

    rgirl28, Release Date: 16/7/2001

    Award winners in their native Sweden, Pluxus released their UK debut och resan fortsätter här. From pulsing title track to introspective finish, these nine songs are both uplifting and engaging - electronica with a naive touch. 

    Pluxus are Sebastian Tesch, Adam Kammerland, Björn Carlberg and Anders Ekërt.  They all come from Törby (just outside Stockholm) and play synthesisers, organs & drum machines apart from Anders who plays home made drum pads & sound effects.  They began as a lo-fi guitar band but discovered that electronics were more fun.  Sebastian bought the first keyboard and it took off from there.  Pluxus record everything themselves at Pluxemburg, their studio/record label.

    ‘Kraftwerk hid behind a cold ironic pose, Pluxus removes the distance intrinsic to electronic music and playfully acknowledges its musical ancestry, integrating everything from polka to traditional choral music.  It’s impossible not to get sucked into Pluxus¹ dreamy soundscapes and quirky sense of humour.’ Drawer B

    ‘Pluxus take their direction from early 80s synth pop, think Human League and Depeche Mode.  Many of the tracks are short , which makes this a lively affair, with quick changing moods, from child-like happiness to an unsettling atmosphere followed by happy hammond.’ Earlabs

    ‘Pluxus comes from Sweden but lives in Pluxemburg, a usually lively world filled with playful inventiveness and tons of electronic charm. On "Och resan fortsätter här" ("The Journey Continues Here") you're given the opportunity to go on an imaginative tour around Pluxemburg, riding on some of the sweetest melodies and funniest sounds ever combined. Watch "Djurens kavalkad" ("The Cavalcade of the Animals") pass by or experience "Magnetiska fält" ("Magnetic Fields") or perhaps take some time to just "Hacka, gräva, skotta, så ga" ("Hoe, Dig, Shovel, Saw") - visit Pluxembourg I’m sure you¹ll enjoy every second of your stay’  Release


    Benno Awards for Best Instrumental Act 2000 (also nominated for Best Album and Best Single)

    Swedish Alternative Music Award (SAMA) for Best Live Act 2000 (also nominated for Best Album and Best Artist)


    • Caravelle
    • Pluxor
    • Magnetisk Fält
    • Den Mörka Stjärnan
    • Djurens Kavalkad
    • Sniff
    • Hacka, Skotta, Gräva, Såga
    • Adjöss
    • Fortsätt Ni, Så Går Jag Hem

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