• Mazarin

    Suicide Will Make You Happy

    Not content with already having released two immaculate pop singles and two equally vital albums, Mazarin returned with this AA-sided 7”.

     “Flying Arms For Driving” is a complete and stunning reworking of a track from September’s album (“A Tell-Tale Storyline”), and “Suicide Will Make You Happy” is universally agreed to be the obvious single from it.  Both tracks are amongst the most infectious and uplifting pieces of guitar-driven songwriting this writer’s heard in ages.

    There’s no denying that the press and radio love Mazarin as much as we do.  The debut 7” “Wheats” was NME Single Of The Week, Steve Lamacq’s Weekly Session Single Of The Week and Single Of The Week in The Guardian’s Saturday Guide.  Last year’s “Watch It Happen” album received 8/10 in NME, 4/5 in Uncut, 4/5 in Select and glowing reviews in Mojo, Q, Music Week (“Recommended” album) and The Times.  “Tell-Tale…” got 4/5 in Q, 7/10 NME and great write-up’s in Mojo & the Evening Standard.  NME “On” pieces, appearances in the Top Ten “Turn-ons”, full-page features in Magnet, live reviews everywhere - we’ve had it all.  Mark Radcliffe even played both singles on daytime Radio 1!

    Mazarin came over from the USA as a full band for the first time to promote the single and album in 2002

    They played a handful of radio sessions, toured UK/Europe and headlined a very special Rocket Girl night at the ICA in London on 02/02/02.


    1. Suicide Will Make You Happy
    2. Flying Arms For Driving (Alternate Version)

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