• P.S. I Love You

    Heart Of Stone

    This debut album for Rocket Girl saw the light of day after months in the working. I can’t put my finger on what I love about this band, but I just find myself playing the album over and over again...

    So I met David Lee of P.S. I Love You under some crazy circumstances. The first thing I heard from his band was ‘Where The Fuck Is Kevin Shields?’ He re-recorded it as the radio friendly version ‘Where On Earth Is Kevin Shields?’; released as a 7” single last year. The single was a hit with the radio, especially The Evening Session and John Peel. David Lee completed the album, ‘Heart Of Stone’ before relocating from Detroit to Los Angeles where he’s currently mixing with the movie stars.

    From the opening crack of ‘Irish Fuzz’ Detroit Rockers P. S. I Love You turn on the Big Muff distortion amps for a numbing drug induced affect ala Hole meet Stone Roses. The guitars turn sweet like killer bumble bee's in the classic ‘Where the Fuck is Kevin Shields?’, ‘Burnout Girl’ and ‘Anna’, ode to sex kitten tennis player Anna Kournikova

    David Lee was a crazy but very talented and under-rated musician

    RIP David Stroughter.


    1. irish Fuzz
    2. Set The Control For The Heart Of Love
    3. New York
    4. No Sharks Allowed
    5. Where The Fuck Is Kevin Shields?
    6. Amsterdam
    7. Burnout Girl
    8. Camel Toe
    9. Anna
    10. Love Will Find A Way
    11. Hail Mary
    12. Unless I See You Again

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