• Keiron Phelan & David Sheppard


    The second in a series of 12” vinyl mini-albums by Keiron Phelan and David Sheppard.

    Like its predecessor (‘infinitely delicate’ – Mojo, ‘easy on the ear, a bit tough on the soul – Sleaze Nation), ‘2’ is an assemblage of electro-acoustic atmospheres and cinematic soundscapes which range from the dreamily expansive Grasslands (5 flutes, 5 zithers, nothing else) to the elegiac Torrent (electric pianos, synthesizers, violas) and neo-jazz How Many Hands (electric flute, Fender Rhodes, treated brass). As usual the duo play all the instruments (with the exception of Dave Johnson’s eloquent violas) and the record was captured and balanced by semi-legendary sound engineer Colin Peter at the clandestine Keep Calm Studio in west London.

    The Phelan/ Sheppard project is just one myriad of musical outlets which the protean pair are currently servicing. Both are more often to be found fronting the acclaimed State River Widening, while Sheppard also plies his trade with Pete Astor in Ellis Island Sound and, sporadically, The Wisdom Of Harry. Sheppard, Astor and Phelan are also working together on another trajectory in the yet-to-be-unveiled AND.



    1. Zurich Sunday
    2. Grasslands
    3. How Many Hands?
    4. O, Little Stars
    5. Torrent

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