• Pieter Nooten

    Surround Us

    Exploring the possibilities of electronica and laptop composition even further; Pieter Nooten, one of the original members of Clan of Xymox and former collaborator with Michael Brook brings us the astounding acoustic and organic sounding 'Surround Us'.

    The album features gorgeous guest vocalists interspersed with beautiful, classical compositions.

    Far beyond the clichés of contemporary electronica, Nooten squeezes heart wrenching melancholia -beautifully executed, honest and intimate - out of the 'digital box', proving how good and deeply heartfelt home recorded electronica can sound, Nooten delivers a true masterpiece of lap top composition.

    In collaboration with improv cellist Lucas Stam, whose sensitive and intuitive playing technique cuts right through some of the most intense instrumentals; Nooten and Stam prove to be the pioneers of a long-expected period in contemporary music. A future that is NOT turning out clinical nu jazz or industrial noise fresh from the academies, neither mind numbing corporate pop, playable in any old mp3 format. Here we experience warmth and dynamics, features that seemed so long lost in music. 'Surround Us' brims with vitality, humanity, pain, passion and sweet, sweet melancholia

    Pieter is more influenced by"the depth and beauty of the simplest Bach fugue than by most modern pop".


    Current line-up: Pieter Nooten (laptop, keyboards, vocals),Lucas Stam (cello).Live VJ: Miryam Chachmany


    1. Ode
    2. Blue Square
    3. Anybody
    4. Dutch Clouds
    5. An End
    6. Soothing Dust
    7. Drone
    8. This World
    9. Blue Wonder
    10. Around Us
    11. Secret Room
    12. Romanz

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