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    Sounds From Psychedelphia

    A compilation of bands from Philadelphia featuring Three 4 Tens, Apera Ad Astra, Transient Waves, Photon Band, Azusa Plane, Slumber, Bent Leg Fatima, Intro To India, Lenola and Asteroid #4.

    This compilation is a  state of mental and musical communion from the city of brotherly love...

    ‘Sounds from Psychedelphia’ is a ten track, 55 minute sonic excursion into the distorted, frenetic Philadelphia underground music scene. Recorded entirely at Philadelphia's Deep Space Recording Company, the compilation took over a year to complete. From 60's inspired pop delivered by The Three 4 Tens and Photon Band - to the acid tinged freak-out of Aspera Ad Astra and The Asteroid #4 - to the avant garde edge of Azusa Plane & Bent Leg Fatima ‘Sounds from Psychedelphia’ is a mind-expanding musicality ready to be experienced.

    Rocket Girl licensed this compilation exclusively from Lounge records for the UK and European market, to avoid extortionate import prices and have this great CD available domestically.



    1. Three 4 Tens - I Feel Fine
    2. Aspera Ad Astra - Give 'Em Back
    3. Transient Waves - Wavelength
    4. Photon Band - Here Comes Some Changes
    5. Azusa Plane - Drinking Scotch With Delmore
    6. Slumber - Bell Boy!
    7. Bent Leg Fatima - AD
    8. Intro To India - The World Is Waiting
    9. Lenola - Sids
    10. Asteroid #4 - Tricks Of The Trade

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