• Piano Magic

    Low Birth Weight

    rgirl6, Release Date: 7/6/1999

    Reissue available here

    London based Piano Magic's second album follows a string of brilliant singles which they have released on the likes of Che, Lissy’s, Darla, Wurlitzer Jukebox and Piao labels, since the release of their debut ‘Wrong French’ a Melody Maker ‘Single of the Week’ in November 1996.

    Piano Magic were formed in the summer of 1996 by Glen Johnson who’s aim it was to create a flexible group in the same way that This mortal Coil had done in the eighties. He drafted different musicians in for each recording session and early live shows, with Mogwai, Plone, Pram and Six By Seven, featured new line-ups and set lists at each gig. This loose way of recording worked so well on Piano Magic’s debut album ‘Popular Mechanics’ in late ’97 and its a concept that Johnson has continued to the present.

    ‘Low Birth Weight’ features collaborations with some outstanding talent. ‘Crown Estate’ and ‘Dark Secrets Look For Light’ has Simon Rivers from The Bitter Springs on vocals. ‘Bad Patient’ is sung by Rachael Leigh of baby Birkin, backed by ISAN. ‘The Fun Of The Century’ features the guitar of Alexander Perls of Icebreaker, while the last track ‘Waking Up’ is a cover of a Disco Inferno track sung by Pete Astor and guitars by David Sheppard who are collectively Wisdom Of Harry and Ellis Island Sound. These are just some of the highlights from undoubtedly Piano Magic’s best record to date. Their use of sounds and space gives this album such a unique and special feel.

    Piano Magic, who appeared on the recent Spacemen 3 tribute album, also contribute to the current Foundry compilation ‘Will Our Children Thank Us’ and track ‘Crown Estate’ features on the new xFM LP.


    • Snowfall Soon
    • Crown Estate
    • Bad Patient
    • The Fun Of The Century
    • Birdy Machine
    • Not Fair
    • Dark Secrets Look For Light
    • Snow Drums
    • Shepherds Are Needed
    • I Am The Sub-Librarian
    • Waking Up

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