• Piano Magic

    Artists' Rifles

    rgirl19, Release Date: 8/5/2000

    Recorded over just 5 days and produced by John A. Rivers (Felt,Dead Can Dance), "Artists' Rifles" serves as conclusive proof that Piano Magic are out there alone.  Few other bands can lay claim to a career which has spanned from small beat industrial electronica to nouveau Baroque pop noire.

    Founded by Glen Johnson, Piano Magic has maintained a fluid membership since it's first release in 1996 and has included guest contributions from Hefner, The Wisdom Of Harry, ISAN, The Bitter Springs amongst others in that time.

    It's line-up since the start of 1999 has been more consistent - the body members being Johnson, John Cheves and Miguel Marin.

    "Artists' Rifles" were a British regiment of WW1 that included the acclaimed war poet, Wilfred Owen, amongst it's ranks.


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