• Loopdrop / Azusa Plane

    Siempre Azul

    rgirl5, Release Date: 10/5/1999

    Loopdrop / Azusa Plane split single.

    Loopdrop is the one man project of Rene Soberanis. He lives in Tijuana, Mexico. He started Loopdrop in the  summer of  1996, when he picked up a couple of analog keyboards. He started experimenting with spacey chords and sounds and began recording a few tapes of Loopdrop material for himself and his friends. The idea of putting something out came when he decided to start a label. As you can imagine, Mexico doesn't have any good independent labels, so he started his own label Drop 4,  to release his own 7” single ‘Meteorito’ which came out in May 1998.

    Rocket Girl heard the single and straight away got in touch with Rene. He recorded this track especially for this split single and is currently recording an album to be released on Rocket Girl later on in the year. ‘Siempre Azul’ translates as ‘Always Blue’

    Rene says ‘As you know the music scene in Mexico isn't good at all, so it's been kind of hard for me to do shows. Everything I record, I record at home. Most of the things I do myself. sometimes I'll ask friends to help out with tracks. I usually write tracks as I go. I start with a loop of something and just let it repeat and do over dubs on top of it.’

    Azusa Plane hailed from Philadelphia and wass the recording project of Jason Diemilio. His live members were Jason Knight and Quentin Stoltzfus who also played on this split single track. Doorstep Vinyl was a label created by Diemilio to release a 10 volume vinyl limited documentation of the Azusa Plane. The label name was then changed to Colorful Clouds For Acoustics and the Azusa Plane often strayed from the 10 vinyl single path to release various singles and albums on other labels. Jason left behind a huge discography and recorded for several labels including Lissy’s, Enraptured, Camera Obscura, Burnt Hair,  K-raa-k, and Ochre records. His entire recorded works was released as a box set (rgirl83) in memory of Jason DiEmilio who passed away in 2006.


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