• Loopdrop


    rgirl27, Release Date: 30/4/2001

    Those seeking a new angle on finite digital electronica back in 2001, may not have immediately looked here but Loopdrop, the solo project of Rene Soberanis, hails from downtown Tijuana, Mexico.

    It doesn’t take long, however, to figure out that Soberanis seems much more inspired by recent waves in European small-beat than the traditional music of his homeland.  This eponymous album clicks and whirrs with the best of the robotic sounds coming out of A-Musik or Fat Cat yet what sets it apart is a thread of warmth and humanity throughout.  In fact, ‘Loopdrop’ has an almost pastoral, ambling gentility to it; 11 experiments in economical synthpop motored by biscuit tin beats  - though there’s still enough ominous industrial shading on the likes of “Nunca Recuerdo Comova” to let you get too settled.  Soberanis keeps the tracks neat and to the point, as if they’re soundtracks to the mechanics of vending machine operations -  the coin drops and the minute cogs dance in precise, robotic tandem. 

    It’s perhaps too early to predict the global saturation of Mexitronica but that there’s a small homestudio in Tijuana making music like this, is somewhat comforting, don’t you think?


    • Cambios Electrofisicos
    • Mis Canicas
    • Triciclo
    • Micropunto En La Carretera
    • Nunca Recuerdo Como Va
    • Ilovizna
    • Naranja (Otra Mezcla)
    • Esta Muy Triste
    • Si Todas Les Estrellas Se Apagaran
    • Triciclo (Otra Mezcla)
    • Atrurito

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