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    Tidal Wave

    rgirl41, Release Date: 24/2/2003

    "Byrne doff a cap to Bends-era Radiohead by way of Harry Nilsson and My Bloody Valentine to reach mellifluous peaks." ****" Q Magazine

    "With morphine melodies and Velvet Underground's jagged edge allied to a musical and emotional directness, Byrne have got this happy/sad psychedelic-pop thing licked. 8/10" NME

    "Byrne are a haunted and haunting treasure recalling Low, The Rain Parade and a lo-fi mogodon-stoked Stone Roses." Time Out

    'Tidal Wave' was the first full single release from London based five-piece Byrne.  

    Byrne first came to our attention with the release late last year of their debut mini album, Slowly And Gloriously which garnered plaudits across the board for its heart-stopping mix of velvety pop melodies and assured emotional expression. 'Tidal Wave' the first fully available single to be lifted from the album has been re-recorded, aided by the production skills of Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur etc) who asked to be involved after stumbling across the mini-album and consequently becoming a fan of the band.

    'Tidal Wave', always the single in waiting from Slowly and Gloriously has been described previously as, 'Kevin Ayers jamming with The Pastels' and looks set to catapult the band to the wider audience they fully deserve. The single comes complete with two previously unavailable tracks, 'Nothing Left Here' and 'Time Wounds All Heals', both which effortlessly keep up Byrne's impossible high standards

    Since the release of Slowly And Gloriously, Byrne have been steadily building a loyal fan base with a number of shows in the capital. A fan base that can now include the likes of Jarvis Cocker, Kevin Shields and Hope Sandoval after all three were spotted in the audience at various recent shows.



    • Tidal Wave
    • Nothing Left Here
    • Time Wounds All Heals

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