• Byrne

    Slowly And Gloriously

    rgirl39, Release Date: 16/9/2002

    Singer and writer Patrick Byrne originally from Glasgow, spent his years at university (Newcastle College Of Music) forming and playing in bands, meeting like-minds that would later come together in Byrne. It was also at this time that Patrick realised that the music he wanted to make couldn’t be taught, so he moved to London and the east-end.

    It was here that the story in earnest began. In a basement in Shoreditch slowly but surely the members of Byrne fell into place. With Mark Neary (Applecatcher) on Bass, Andy Pearce (Ultrasound) on Drums and Matt Burke (John Doe) on guitar and vocals joining Patrick, Byrne began to work on the songs that make up Slowly And Gloriously.   

    Slowly And Gloriously is some calling card. The baroque, choral dawn of Waiting For Winter rolling into beautifully double tracked vocals and subdued break-beats. The sweet, yet sly mixture of drone and melody that informs Sleeping Giant. The heavenly harmonies, cranky keyboards and insistent strumming of Greener. The refined pop sensibility of Tidal Wave, strangely akin to Kevin Ayers jamming with The Pastels. The rolling majesty of album centrepiece, Embers crashing into the bruised Drink All Day, a weary finale of muted guitars and lonesome trumpet.

    Slowly And Gloriously is an album that glues its dark heart to your stereo and refuses to leave.



    • Waiting For Winter
    • Sleeping Giant
    • Greener
    • Tidal Wave
    • Embers
    • Drink All Day
    • Untitled

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