• Anthony Reynolds

    Underwater Wildlife

    rgirl105, Release Date: 25/8/2014

    Underwater wildlife collects bastard EP tracks and illegitimate B- sides recorded between Anthony Reynolds' solo Début 'British Ballads' (2007) and 'A painter's life' (2015). 

    It also includes musical commissions for Adverts, films and installations.


    1. Loneliness Is The Engine Of The World
    2. Why Honey
    3. Drink To Me
    4. Kingdom Of Me
    5. Song For Helle
    6. You In '92
    7. Redheads Are Pretty (and they've been pretty good to me).
    8. No Road
    9. Some Call It Living
    10. There And Then
    11. Terry Said
    12. No One Will Remember Our Work
    13. Johnny Marr And Other Sailors
    14. I'm A Lesbian For Your Love
    15. Alicante
    16. In Andalusian Blood
    17. In Love With The Fog
    18. C.G.
    19. The Laws Of The Game
    20. Bonsai Boy
    21. Salida de mi amigo
    22. The High Grass Of Summer
    23. The Ballad Of Mickey And Me
    24. I Wonder About You
    25. Good News For Bad Sailors
    26. J.S. Requiem
    27. Bookshops In Rural Locations

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