• Anthony Reynolds

    Underwater Wildlife

    rgirl105, Release Date: 25/8/2014

    Underwater wildlife collects bastard EP tracks and illegitimate B- sides recorded between Anthony Reynolds' solo Début 'British Ballads' (2007) and 'A painter's life' (2015). 

    It also includes musical commissions for Adverts, films and installations.


    • Loneliness Is The Engine Of The World
    • Kingdom Of Me
    • Redheads Are Pretty (and they've been pretty good to me).
    • There And Then
    • Johnny Marr And Other Sailors
    • In Andalusian Blood
    • The Laws Of The Game
    • The High Grass Of Summer
    • I Wonder About You
    • J.S. Requiem
    • Why Honey
    • Song For Helle
    • No Road
    • Terry Said
    • I'm A Lesbian For Your Love
    • In Love With The Fog
    • Bonsai Boy
    • The Ballad Of Mickey And Me
    • Good News For Bad Sailors
    • Bookshops In Rural Locations
    • Drink To Me
    • You In '92
    • Some Call It Living
    • No One Will Remember Our Work
    • Alicante
    • C.G.
    • Salida de mi amigo

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