• Frausdots

    Accessories EP

    Written and perfomed by Brent Rademaker (Beachwood Sparks, The Tyde) and Michelle Loiselle, with Carl Tapia, Ben Knight, Ric Menck & Reana Winscott.

    Frausdots was conceptualised at Beachwood Sparks' appearance at the Benicassim Festival in 2002 (Spain). As Brent Rademaker says "The Cure were playing and something they sent out in the night air sunk into our hearts and Michelle and I fell in love...meeting Primal Scream and witnessing their dark rock'n'roll energy was our wedding march".

    Michelle is Michelle Loiselle whose only previous experience was singing back-up with Guns & Roses and Brent is 'still' a member of Beachwood Sparks' and a member of his brother Darren's wonderful California-style group The Tyde.

    Once magic sprang into their lives Brent and Michelle went back home and hid from the sunshine of Los Angeles in the studio, where they recorded the songs for the soon coming Frausdots debut album "Couture, couture, couture" and the exclusive "Accessories EP" out on our COLLECTORS SERIES.

    Brent defines the band's book of style as a growing imagery that includes "stylish addiction, eternal search for warmth, fashion death trends, unbearable light and the desert at night, exploring the deepest darkness of the forest and emerging higher than the sun and making contact beyond the sun".

    Needless to say, Brent is able to fit all these in a few songs and actually succeeding in the art of making pop songs. Yes, this record is a happy ending to a lucid dream. A dream that merges The Cure with New Order equally. As Brent himself puts it: "From dark places comes dark music and that's where we've been."

    Fits nicely to Wire, Inspiral Carpets, Television, The Soft Boys, Clinic, The La's, The Beta Band, Interpol, Railway Children, Broken Social Scene...


    1. Dead Wrong
    2. Lucky
    3. D.I.E.
    4. Happy Pt.1*

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