• Various
    Across Uneven Terrain
  • Kidnapper
    Cake/Super Real
  • Summum Bonum
    David Donson
  • Greengate
  • Immense
    Death To The Gremlins
  • Various
    Dial M For Merthyr
  • Skree
    Fat Mouth Shouts Out
  • Electric Sound of Joy
    Food of the Range
  • Kidnapper
    Is This A Girl / Heaven Only Knows
  • National Heroes
    Once Around the Sun
  • Technicolor
    One Touch Test Strip
  • Pecadiloes
    Right Again/Po Po Hewitt
  • Tiger
    Shining in the wood
  • Total
    Sky blue void
  • Wisdom of Harry
    Stars of Super 8
  • Lenola
    The Resurrection of the Close Up...
  • Red Red Meat / Number One Cup
    The Tongue of 2am/Milk For The M...
  • Supreme Dicks
    Workingman’s Dick