• Jon DeRosa

    Birds of Brooklyn

    rgirl89, Release Date: 15/10/2012

    Influenced by vocal standards of the 1940's, teenage jukebox anthems of the 50's, and the mod and girl-group sounds of the 60's, Jon DeRosa combines them all to create a cocktail of song-driven atmospheric chamber pop. While these elements are unmistakably the "backbones," DeRosa's songs are most certainly fleshed out by his post-punk past, as nods to artists like Echo & The Bunnymen, Lou Reed, The Chameleons and Robert Wyatt peak through the orchestral sections at every turn. But atop the soaring strings and brass, DeRosa is first and foremost a storyteller, and it is these stories sung in a darkly resonant baritone that set his songs apart from ordinary "pop music." While to date DeRosa is best known for his work behind the decade-long atmospheric drone-pop project Aarktica, here DeRosa croons and entertains, a modern day troubadour, equal parts Scott Walker, Morrissey and Sinatra.

    This single is taken from the forthcoming album A Wolf In Preacher's Clothes.


    • Birds of Brooklyn

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