• State River Widening

    State River Widening

    rgirl8, Release Date: 1/11/1999

    StateRiverWidening is a three-piece instrumental song group. They make music with acoustic guitars, bass, drums, toy instruments, mallet instruments like marimba and vibraphone and various old skool keyboards such as Wurlitzer electric piano, Hammond organ and analogue synths.

    SRW assembled in May 1998 in London. They record in a semi-disused works building and record on a pair of primitive mics to 8-track. Happy accidents, improvised passages and beautifully, languidly unfurling ‘non-structures’ characterise their music. They’ve been compared to everyone from Tortoise to Simon and Garfunkel! All of which somewhat bemuses the group who prefer to think they are crafting quietly affecting cine-music.

    The album contains no samples or computer editing - not that the band are averse to such techniques, they just preferred (on this occasion at least) to concentrate on the sound of strummed, beaten, plucked and blown instruments resonating against one another in a room.


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