• aM™[aem]

    Belong To Galaxy

    rgirl73, Release Date: 4/10/2010

    From the mid 1990s to 2000, there were big changes in the global rock music scene. In Japan, there was a fusion of electronic and rock music and bands of that ilk were becoming popular; especially Supercar who were one of the most talented among them.

    Kodai of Supercar joined forces with their producer Miyuki and they started to record under the name aM™[aem]. They chose a mixture of noise-sound and digital-sound. On stage they create their sound by combining acoustic drums, guitar feedback and computers. The sound is overwhelming. aM™[aem] deliver a sound to the audience they describe as 'the imagination of the galaxy'. The two-piece band, with their minimum composition, has become very creative and each expresses their own characters during their sound making process. They individually start the pursuit of their own music and through repeated trial and error over five years, their result is the new album "Belong To Galaxy". This album aims to share with the listeners what aM™[aem] found during their sound making and they wish them to feel the trip. "Belong To Galaxy" will continue...


    • I've God Them
    • (We) Belong To Electro
    • Blue Gene
    • Keep Imaging Over Images
    • Next Human Behaviour
    • Addiction To You
    • The Universe Is Alive (One Huge Sinewave)

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  • aM™[aem]
    Belong To Galaxy