• Gnac


    rgirl7, Release Date: 8/11/1999

    Instrumental album by Gnac.

    Statistics. two seven’s are 14. fourteen tracks on the new gnac compilation cd ‘sevens’. three seven-inch singles released, and snapped-up, in 1998 provide seven of the tracks included here. seven additional tracks make up the numbers, including an instrumental version of one of the songs from ‘seventeen stars’ by the montgolfier brothers. Three parts legrand, three parts durutti column, two parts reich, one part comelade, two parts nyman … but the sum is something different.

    gnac ‘sevens’: one cd, 14 instrumental gems.


    1. Legrand Illusion
    2. Ves 004
    3. The Broken Fall
    4. Soviet Bureau
    5. Armchair Thriller
    6. Repetition
    7. Another Fine Mess
    8. And Now It's So Much Colder
    9. 1958
    10. Difficult Loves
    11. A Tangle With...
    12. The Moustache
    13. Heliotrope
    14. Our Distance

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