• Sam Kills Two

    Sam Kills Two

    rgirl52, Release Date: 2/2/2009

    After asking the band to play on The Rocket Girl show on Resonance FM last year, the band and label stayed in touch. A year later the band had recorded their debut album. On first listening, Rocket Girl signed them on the spot.

    Sam Kills Two although stemming from an indie/alternative background have the possibility of a mainstream crossover. The band’s collective range of influences includes the Red House Painters, Warren Zevon, Leonard Cohen and Elliott Smith. Combined with their diverse personalities and backgrounds (and a sprinkle of old fashioned fairy dust) are all factors in the complex and emotive song-writing. Fred’s cadenced vocals and SKT’s trademark arpeggiated acoustic guitars cross with unexpectedly heavy electric tones, deep piano and driving beats. The result is a dynamic yet strangely fragile sound. Sam Kills Two keep their heads above water in the sea of today’s musical trends and are finely showcased in their self-titled debut album.

    The album was produced by Nigel Clark at Hijack Studios, Redditch

    Line Up:

    Fred Bjorkvall - Vocals, Guitar

    Geoff Gamlen - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keys

    Matt Bell - Drums, Percussion

    Jay Rigby - Bass, Guitar


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