• Coldharbourstores

    More Than The Other

    rgirl30, Release Date: 31/1/2002

    Coldharbourstores started 2002 with the release of their debut album, 'More Than The Other', 10 original songs recorded with Graham Sutton (Bark Psychosis / Boymerang), in the summer of 2001.

    The album sees the four members of coldharbourstores combine their sound with production from Graham, to recreate their sometimes fragile, sometimes forceful music, that has gained them comparisons from the likes of Angelo Badalamenti to the Cocteau Twins, amongst others.

    Fans of their earlier singles should expect a much fuller sound than with previous releases. And can expect a more varied sound, with help from guests such as, John Cheves (former Piano Magic) on lap steel and extra vocals from Anja Buchelle.

    The album also see the start of a new working relationship for Rocket Girl in the form of designer Martin Anderson, who has created a beautiful 8 page booklet to accompany this CD.

    The band enjoyed working with Graham Sutton, and the time spent working in the studio added to their interest in instrumentation. Having previously relied on guitar/piano/drums,


    • Short Stay
    • Four Threats
    • Long Ago
    • Trouble
    • Unclear
    • Overleaf
    • Wonders Never Cease
    • No Such Thing
    • Buck
    • Hold

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