• Experimental Audio Research

    Vibrations E.P.

    rgirl18, Release Date: 0/11/2000

    This EP, recorded as a specific body of interlocking and complimentary atmospheres, was influenced by the so called “primitive” African rhythms and Instrumentation - such as the thumb piano  - and the Hypnotic possibilities within. The musical scales used differ little from that used by everyone from John lee Hooker to Pythagoras and these new pieces stand to show the similarities and links between African tribal rythmns and Brian Eno, between this so called “Avante-Ambient music” and music that is as “Useful as it is simple, as it is Experimental, as it is essential”.

    Traditional “Rythmic” elements appear more in this than any previous E.A.R. outing, yet once again content overtakes concept and we are left with a concise body of work, differing in overall sound and texture , but bearing all the hallmarks of another great work from this Modern day Composer & Performer"


    • Kalimbell
    • Ring
    • Synchronicity
    • Wired Waves
    • Tripple

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  • Experimental Audio Research
    Vibrations E.P.