• Mazarin

    Watch It Happen

    rgirl15, Release Date: 0/3/2000

    Mazarin is the pop brainchild of Quentin Stoltzfus. Quentin spent the better part of 1999 at MinerStreet/Cycle Sound Studio in Philadelphia with producer/engineer Brian McTear recording the debut Mazarin album, ‘Watch It Happen’.

    The previous three years found Stoltzfus maniacally planted  behind the drum kit for underground psyche mongers The Azusa Plane and also recording under the 4-track moniker Therisphere. No one knew he had these songs or talent hidden and lurking in the shadows until he hit the studio this past year. 

    Mazarin sounds nothing like his previous endeavors. The songs by Mazarin are a wonderful pristine blend of  pop, rock, folk, and indie songwriting gems. Quentin provides vocals, vocal harmonies, guitars, keys, synthesizer, percussion, and samples.

    The first single fromt he album, ‘Wheats’ was NME Single Of The Week and it was A-listed on GLR.  There were several Evening Session plays on radio one and a number of plays on London’s alternative station XFM.


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