Eat Lights Become Lights

“Eat Lights; Become Lights mix Krautrock rhythms and celestial drones to heavenly effect” - NME Eat lights Become lights were formed in London in the winter of 2007 by Neil Rudd. Neil is responsible for all the writing and recording of ELBL music and is joined for live performances by members of the Eat lights collective, a constantly shifting tableau of gifted musicians. Neil has a deep love of classic German electronic acts of the 1970s, evoking classic kosmische bands, Neu!, Kraftwerk, Can but making the sound very much his own, creating an ever-changing synesthesic landscape of harmony and melody, feedback & drones, played against the driving motorik beat.  

Gigging heavily since their conception, ELBL have steadily built up a reputation as a formidable live act, and the band have played several high-profile shows, including a sold-out tour with New York electronic pioneers Silver Apples as well as being championed by Stuart Maconie on 6 Music’s Freak Zone and Andy Weatherall on BBC Radio 6 mix amongst others. The debut single They Transmit released in May 2008, quickly gained critical praise from the likes of the NME, and record of the week slots from Manchester’s Piccadilly Records and Leeds’ Norman Records soon followed. The second single Klustered, released in April 2009 to a similar response. A third single Test Drive was released in February 2011, the B side remixed by electronic music legends Silver Apples. The single was released on cult label The Great Pop Supplement and sold out in only 5 hours. The bands debut album Autopia, released in March 2011 to rave reviews across the music press. Autopia saw the band finally condensing the maelstrom of their live shows into an LP – in contrast the record is tighter, and more synthetic-sounding than the live shows, recorded and edited using digital emulations of classic 60's compressors and EQs. The record takes in a range of musical touch points, steering from the obvious Kraut-influences to 90s shoegaze and techno, always underpinning each piece with, quite simply, great melodies. The bands long anticipated second album entitled Heavy Electrics, released in September 2012 on Rocket Girl evolves the sonic template even further and in new unexpected directions. Heavy Electrics builds on the ideas laid down in Autopia but where Autopia is tight Heavy Electrics is flowing and organic, sounds building upon sounds until they've reached an impossible hight propelled by a thunderous motorik beat.  

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  • Eat Lights Become Lights
    Into Forever
  • Eat Lights Become Lights
    Modular Living
  • Eat Lights Become Lights
    Heavy Electrics

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