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Pieter Nooten album

The talented Pieter Nooten is working on his follow up album to 'Haven'

You can pre-order it here along with some rarities.


We can't wait for the finished album!

Posted 01.09.17

Disco Inferno album out now

Wire review:

Posted 05.07.17

P.S. I Love You singer David Stroughter dies

It is with deep sadness, a heavy heart and disbelief  that we are sharing the tragic news of the untimely death of David Stroughter (Majesty Crush / P.S. I Love You).

He was incredibly talented and his music will live on as a testament to this. 

We can't give you any more details at this time.

Below is an interview from 1999.

RIP David.

P.S. I Love You. xxxx


Here is an interview with David back in 1999. Enjoy.


Posted 05.02.17

Urusei Yatsura sessions album coming soon...

So it's coming up for the 20th anniversary of the “We Are Urusei Yatsura” album, so what better time to look back at the broken Woolworths guitars, damaged eardrums and bleeding knuckles of Glasgow's lo-fi, Tokyo dreaming geek rock quartet?

Posted 01.06.16

Jon DeRosa High and Lonely video

Posted 06.07.15

Jon DeRosa new album 'Black Halo' coming soon...



Posted 12.03.15

White Noise Sound - 'Heavy Echo'

7" single out soon...


Posted 25.02.15


Posted 20.02.15

Pieter Nooten is trying to replace instruments lost in a fire....

Please take a look here and help if you can. Thank you!


Posted 06.02.15

Bell Gardens "Take Us Away" video



Posted 25.11.14