• Projekt A-Ko


    All songs are by Elaine Graham, Ian Graham, Fergus Lawrie and Steven Ward Three years in the making, Yoyodyne is the debut full-length from Glasgow-based Projekt A-ko. As melodic as it is discordant and as delicate as it is ferocious, the album's feedback laden, energetic shoegaze-pop will certainly appeal to fans of the members' former group Urusei Yatsura.


    1. Hey Palooka!
    2. Black Empire
    3. Nothing Works Twice
    4. Yoyodyne (Scintilla II)
    5. Supertriste Duxelle
    6. Don't Listen To This Song
    7. Here Comes New Challenger!
    8. Xavier
    9. Molten Hearts
    10. Scintilla
    11. Ichiro On Third
    12. Otaku Blue
    13. Utopia