• Anthony Reynolds

    A Painter's Life - Luxus Bundle

    Penthouse bundle -  Poster/ Signed photo/ Vinyl Album/ Lyric sheet

    Anthony Reynolds' Orchestral second solo album. Featuring Robert Dean (Japan), Carl Bevan (60ft Dolls), Richard Glover, (Dub War), Fiona Brice, (Midlake, John Grant), Gary Le Strange, Kirk Lake and a cast of many others.

    Features a specially commissioned cover illustration by legendary 2000AD artist David Roach.    


    1. I was Born
    2. Tidal Sidings
    3. Have You Heard From Her Lately?
    4. Basquiat in Exile
    5. A Painter's Life
    6. Yves Saint Laurent
    7. My Hometown
    8. A Small Spit Of Land
    9. I'm Dying (To Be Born Again)
    10. In A Cafe At The End Of The World