Transient Waves

Having previously released material on the Che and Darla labels, Philadelphia-based three-piece Transient Waves emerged from within the shifting network of US 'post-rock' operators that came to prominence at the latter half of the nineties - abandoning the linear drive and dynamics of traditional rock in favour of a more diffuse, textural approach that included the use of the sampler and a shift away from the foregrounding of the 'song' and the 'voice'.

Like peers Fuxa, Labradford, Bowery Electric and numerous acts on the Kranky label, Transient Waves' sound was rooted in the drifting, disembodied textures of the processed guitar - layers of sound overlapping in a blissed-out, shimmering ambience.

Following December 1998's 'Born With A Body and Fucked In The Head' 12" (their debut FatCat release, which included remixes from Andy Weatherall and Stasis), the band released 'Sonic Narcotic' - a bold, aleatory album in early '99.

On the back of this, the band came over for a short tour of the UK and Europe. In 2000, they participated in the 'e-rmx' project, but have otherwise remained inactive.

Guitarist Loren Jackson has sinced formed Pill Thief, a 3-piece based out of Portland, OR. Pill Thief is currently working on their debut album due out Summer 2009.

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