P.S. I Love You

Press Information: So there we were at a Pontin's holiday camp, a festival organised by Belle and Sebastian, looking for Kevin Shields.

'Where the fuck is Kevin Shields?' I heard some kid shout out to his friend. I turn around and there was David Lee Muscles from Detroit. A crazy kid with big ideas. There he was thousands of miles from home looking for Kevin, master of music, hero to many, guru to others.

A week or two later I go to my PO Box and there's this crazy heart shaped box with a picture of Kevin Shields on the front. I open up the box, there's no letter, just a CDR inside.

It's this amazing song, the genius song writing of David Lee! I play the track 'Where The Fuck Is Kevin Shields' over and over. I manage to track down the boys in Detroit and virtually beg them to record a different version, that can be played on the radio...and here it is, the radio friendly 'Where On Earth Is Kevin Shields?'

P.S.I Love You blow Kevin Shields a distorto love kiss from motown with the morning time wake up and feel good playfulness of an overgrown kitten. MBV blues never sounded so good. In a sort of 'Brimful Of Asha' happy sing song, the singer's anger over the no show of Kev is apparent, however his venom is displaced and directed toward Creation boss Alan Mcgee and the Gallagher Brothers. Someone's got to be blamed. They are not loveless, they are P.S. I Love You.

The anthemic 'No Sharks Allowed' sounds like the Breeders if they tried to rip off Come Together or the T-Rex classic 'Bang A Gong' get it on, get it on, play it loud, play it often.

So many people have been writing and enquiring about it's release date for months having heard it on John Peel. Maybe this will be the summer song for 1999. We all need a summer anthem and this year the indie kids will be playing this!

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