• Peter Daltrey

    Heroine / Tattoo

    Peter Daltrey is the original singer of sixties UK band Kaleidoscope.


    Peter indulges himself in Heroine, an album dedicated to the female icons that have meant so much to him. Arjen Luccasen provides guitar on the epic "White and Blue".


    The second outing with collaborator Damien Youth produces Tattoo, which sees their song-writing collaboration strengthen and mature with this delicate acoustic gem.


    1. Annie's House
    2. I Want To Live In America
    3. The Three Sisters
    4. Alma Cogan Saturdays
    5. Tattoo
    6. Tokyo Room
    7. The Night Natalie Wood Went Swimming
    8. Full Circle
    9. Nathan Child
    10. The Unicorn
    11. The Game
    12. Did Audrey Hepburn Ever Cry
    13. Dreaming Of Holly
    14. White And Blue
    15. Gypsy Gypsy
    16. The Hills Above Mayenne
    17. Jesus Wheel
    18. Magda Bruer In The Rain
    19. Queen Of Thieves
    20. Lily
    21. Big Gun
    22. The Rain Letter
    23. Winter Song

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