• Füxa


    This album was Fuxa's sixth full-length album, "Supercharged" - eight inspiring tracks written, recorded and produced by Randall Nieman.

    Last year's collaboration with Add N To (X), and the on-going collaboration with Bardo Pond have "Supercharged" Randall's creativity like never before.

    As well as being highly respected by the underground/spacerock fraternity and specialist national and regional radio (e.g. John Peel, John Kennedy, Mixing It) since day one, the likes of Brett Anderson (who listed "Fuxa 2000" as one of his albums of the year), Andrew Weatherall and Dot Allison are confirmed fans.

    There are many bands out there combining guitar-driven melodies with analogue electronics as their chosen method of communication, but rarely is it done as naturally or as rewardingly as Fuxa. The simplicity of their melodies, the diversity in their approach, the mood their work creates - all these aspects are totally unique to this now solo recording guru. In brief, nobody does it better

    Beautiful artwork, with special metallic ink designed by Martin Andersen (ex V23/4AD).


    1. Hide Away
    2. Supercharged
    3. 420
    4. It Was You
    5. The Formula
    6. We Could Be Together
    7. In Your Dreams
    8. A Little Time Alone

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