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Dirty Frequencies


12” LP Album
Emotional Response (ERS 012 )
Released 6 October 2014

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Very limited edition vinyl, transparent with red & yellow splatter vinyl LP

Emotional Response welcome Detroit’s Füxa to the label with a mini-album that takes their trademark psychedelic guitar and synth instrumental rock and showcases the more spiritual and ethereal creativity running within.

Specially curated from Füxa’s two recent digital only albums - “Dirty D” and “Frequencies for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Healing” - this special 8 track selection sees each album represented on one side of vinyl.

Highlighting band leader Randall Neimann’s talent, a mastery of the studio that creates a wall of (mellow) sound that envelops and encases in equal measure.

While very much Randall’s band, the collaborative nature of the project sees numerous artists appear, with members from Mazzy Star, Add N To (X), founding member Ryan Anderson all providing willing support to seek his primal sound.

Noteworthy too is his first appearance as lead vocalist. It is the uplifting to hear his voice on the celebratory Shout Out Loud, the paean of Dream (Don’t Give Up) and finally the blessed out-surf-psychedelia of Amen.

Dirty Frequencies is a welcome departure for the label, a psychedelic turn in the mold of the Nick Nicely (ERS005) release, but all the better for it because these sounds and ideas deserve to be heard. An inner trip yes, but really a celebration of the deeper part of the soul - a way to connect.

This is a sonic celebration of creativity.



  • 01.   Reverse
  • 02.   Shout Out Loud
  • 03.   Dirty D
  • 04.   Forward
  • 05.   Mary
  • 06.   Dream (Don't Give Up)
  • 07.   Cool Breeze
  • 08.   Amen

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