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Sam Kills Two

Sam Kills Two

CD Album (rgirl52)
Released February 2, 2009 


Rocket Girl is very excited to sign Sam Kills Two. After asking the band to play on The Rocket Girl show on Resonance FM last year, the band and label stayed in touch. A year later the band had recorded their debut album. On first listening, Rocket Girl signed them on the spot.

Sam Kills Two although stemming from an indie/alternative background have the possibility of a mainstream crossover. The band’s collective range of influences includes the Red House Painters, Warren Zevon, Leonard Cohen and Elliott Smith. Combined with their diverse personalities and backgrounds (and a sprinkle of old fashioned fairy dust) are all factors in the complex and emotive song-writing. Fred’s cadenced vocals and SKT’s trademark arpeggiated acoustic guitars cross with unexpectedly heavy electric tones, deep piano and driving beats. The result is a dynamic yet strangely fragile sound. Sam Kills Two keep their heads above water in the sea of today’s musical trends and are finely showcased in their self-titled debut album.

The album was produced by Nigel Clark at Hijack Studios, Redditch

Line Up:

Fred Bjorkvall - Vocals, Guitar

Geoff Gamlen - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keys

Matt Bell - Drums, Percussion

Jay Rigby - Bass, Guitar


  • 01.   Flatland
  • 02.   2020
  • 03.   Passenger List
  • 04.   Lay Low
  • 05.   No 6
  • 06.   Instrumental No 2
  • 07.   Your Whisper
  • 08.   Floating
  • 09.   Electric Shock
  • 10.   Polar Winter

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