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Robin Guthrie

CD EP (rgirl46)
Released July 24, 2006 

Hot on the heels of his beautiful new album 'Continental';, released on Rocket Girl 12th June, and in the wake of Lumière (his own, hour-long animated film) live soundtrack shows, Robin Guthrie releases the 'Everlasting' cdep featuring 4 exclusive tracks, on 24th July.

Written only a couple months ago. these tracks were recorded after the 'Continental' session, (but prior to the collaboration with Harold Budd, see below).

Another 4 tracks written around the same time can be found on the 'Waiting For Dawn' tour-only cdep, which be available as an exclusive iTunes download soon.

Robin has also created a set of 5 postcards featuring artwork from Lumière, 'Waiting For Dawn', 'Imperial' (his first instrumental album), 'Continental' and 'Everlasting'.

Praise for 'Continental':

"craft, guile, gentleness and accessibility are the gilded and gorgeous watchwords here." unpeeled

"statuesque, joyous..." 4/5 Uncut

Robin is also working on new albums with Harold Budd, and John Foxx, both due out in autumn this year.


  • 01.   Bordertown
  • 02.   A Sigh Across The Ocean
  • 03.   Fountain
  • 04.   Everlasting

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