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Sleep At The Bottom / Green Acres

Low / Piano Magic / Transient Waves

7” single (rgirl4)
Released October 12, 1998 


Low, Transient Waves and Piano Magic release a collaborative seven-inch only single on 12th October. Initiated by the Rocket Girl label, 'Sleep At The Bottom' is the result of a day the three groups spent in the studio together.

Low are Alan Sparhawk, Mimi Parker and Zak Sally. In their tendency towards quietude rather than high volumes plus an almost puritanical negation of rock’s mores, Low create some of the most engaging contemporary American music. The three-piece have recently released an album 'Songs For A Dead Pilot' on the acclaimed Kranky label as well as singles for the Wurlitzer Jukebox and Tugboat imprints.

Transient Waves are Loren Jackson, Sid and Eric. Currently based in Philadelphia. Their debut album on I records was simply breath taking. Recorded in the Mission, San Francisco, Loren provided dreamy, shimmering guitar echoes which entwined with Sid's Cello and Eric's steady drums provide one of the most gorgeous albums. Their Bliss Out album for Darla continued along the same vein and we can expect a single on Fat Cat some time in the near future. Green Acres is slightly different to their normal sound. No cello, just a beautiful, glistening wall of guitar soundscapes.

Piano Magic is Glen Johnson plus collaborators. The group are more future-retroists (see also Plone, Pram, etc), constructing paeans to industry from a haze of tiny pneumatic clicks and anemic drones, glitches of static and ventolin whirs. The group have recorded singles for I, Wurlitzer Jukebox, Piao and Liquefaction Empire. Their debut album was described by Alternative Press as 'a beguiling and precious album' Their contribution to the Darla 'Bliss Out' series is due out shortly.


  • 01.   Sleep At The Bottom
  • 02.   Green Acres

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