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Dreaming Of Spires

July Skies

CD Album (rgirl32)
Released January 21, 2002 


July Skies is the solo project of Antony Harding who has been recording compositions since the Summer of 1999 using just delayed/reverbed guitars, occasional treated keyboard washes and soft sad vocals. Antony is also a member of the Birmingham based electronica group Avrocar and also assisted in producing their album 'Cinematography'.

Dreaming of Spires is the debut album by July Skies and follows last years acclaimed e.p. 'At The Height Of Summer' which was released on Roisin Recordings. Press reviews of this e.p drew many comparisons with the works of The Durutti Column and  references were made to pastoral landscapes and skies.

The album consists of twelve delicate dreamlike compositions, each full of heartfelt detail that conjure up images of half-forgotten childhood days, innocence, nature and the English landscape and skies......the dusky autumnal loss of 'Coastal Stations', the bright swooping delayed melody of 'Swallows and Swifts', the late night astronomical delights of 'The Night

Sky' and 'Garden Constellations', this is certainly an album for the quiet moments in life and will delight anyone who is led by the heart.

July Skies will be playing select dates around the UK including a very special Rocket Girl label night at the ICA in February.


  • 01.   Coastal Stations
  • 02.   Swallows And Swifts
  • 03.   The Night Sky
  • 04.   Garden Constellations
  • 05.   Coastlines And Laughter
  • 06.   To Love You Blossom
  • 07.   The Softest Kisses
  • 08.   So Sad Today
  • 09.   Corinivm
  • 10.   East Kennet Skies
  • 11.   Southern Orchards
  • 12.   The Ruined And Disused Churches Of Norfolk

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