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A Tribute To Spacemen 3


12” LP Album (rgirl2lp)
Released May 0, 1998 


Finally after a year of compiling, the Spacemen 3 tribute is out now.

The first 2000 copies are beautifully packaged in a limited edition box with foil blocking logo.

It seems only apt that a girl from Rugby who has followed their career with vehemence should compile this. There are so many current bands who draw their influences from S3 that now seems an appropriate time to show tribute to this underrated band.

S3 broke up after perpetual problems between the two songwriters Jason and Sonic. They do however continue their careers separately. Sonic Boom records alone as well as collaborating with musicians under the Spectrum and E.A.R. banners, while Jason continues to find more commercial success with Spiritualized.

Here is the finished copy of the album, which kicks off with Bowery Electric who slowly build up to their familiar beats continuing with Asteroid #4 (currently featured in the free Tower magazine ‘Pulse’ in the States) and onto Mogwai who can’t take a wrong step in anyone’s eyes. Mouths are salivating world wide to hear them. Flowchart offer the poppiest, fast-paced happy tune on this compilation and steer away from their Stereolab comparisons. Accelera Deck are the ones to sound most like Spiritualized. Then we have the second Glasgow band, no introductions needed for Arab Strap whose clever interpretation is moulded in to a song not unlike something think they could have written themselves, kind of spooky sounding! The music then turns darker and noisier with tracks from Bardo Pond (now succeeding with their current label Matador) and Frontier who already have a couple of albums under their belt. The pace begins to mellow as we reach the beautiful cover from Low who clearly show their influences here, while Amp slow the pace down even more. Piano Magic play with unusual samples before the dreamy Portishead type vocals of Transient Waves draws the album to an exquisite close.


  • 01.   Bowery Electric - Things'll Never Be The Same
  • 02.   The Asteriod #4 - Losing Touch With My Mind
  • 03.   Mogwai - Honey
  • 04.   Flowchart - Ode To The Street Hassle
  • 05.   Accelera Derk - I Believe It
  • 06.   Arab Strap - Revolution
  • 07.   Bardo Pond - Call The Doctor
  • 08.   Frontier - Hey Man
  • 09.   Low - Lord, Can You Hear Me?
  • 10.   Amp - So Hot (Wash Away All Of My Tears)
  • 11.   Piano Magic - How Does It Feel
  • 12.   Transient Waves - Billy Whizz

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