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Füxa 2000


CD Album (rgirl24)
Released November 0, 2000 

Randall has finally completed the latest Fuxa album. He bravely arrived in London last year with a burning desire to meet with some of his favourite bands, particularly bands he’d grown up listening to back home in Detroit. He did just that and many guest on this excellent new album, which certainly is a leap forwards from the previous instrumental albums. Each guest adding his/her own feel to the songs.

Track one features Stephen Lawrie (vocals and ebowed guitar ) and Jo Doran also on vocals who were core members of The Telescopes. Dreamy vocals and harmonies entwined with Randall’s gentle wash of guitars and percussion.

Techno Light was previously a single on Rocket Girl, receiving rave reviews in indie and dance magazines alike.

Randall hung out at Rocket Girl HQ where he recorded with label mates, Glen Johnson and Gabe Mcdonough, of Piano Magic, the result ‘Amber gambler’

Randall became best buddies with Sonic Boom and during one of their recording sessions they covered Suicide’s track ‘Girl’. Sonic and Willie B Carruthers (Spacemen 3) both contribute to this album.

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  • 01.   Rainy Day Dream Away
  • 02.   Techo Light
  • 03.   Amber Gambler
  • 04.   Detroit
  • 05.   Today
  • 06.   Girl
  • 07.   Workerbee 5000
  • 08.   Strange News From The Angels... (Echo Park Remix)
  • 09.   Rainy Day Dream Away (Instrumental Version)

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