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Artists' Rifles

Piano Magic

12” LP Album (rgirl19lp)
Released May 8, 2000 


Recorded over just 5 days in February and produced by John A. Rivers (Felt,Dead Can Dance), "Artists' Rifles" serves as conclusive proof that Piano Magic are out there alone.  Few other bands can lay claim to a career which has spanned from small beat industrial electronica to nouveau Baroque pop noire.

Founded by Glen Johnson, Piano Magic has maintained a fluid membership since it's first release in 1996 and has included guest contributions from Hefner, The Wisdom Of Harry, ISAN, The Bitter Springs amongst others in that time; working with 14 different international labels, releasing a total of 15 records (excluding remixes and compilations), playing concerts all over Europe.  It's line-up since the start of 1999 has been more consistent - the body members being Johnson, John Cheves and Miguel Marin.

"Artists' Rifles" were a British regiment of WW1 that included the acclaimed war poet, Wilfred Owen, amongst it's ranks.


  • 01.   (1.16)
  • 02.   No Closure
  • 03.   A Return To The Sea
  • 04.   (1.22)
  • 05.   You & John Are Birds
  • 06.   The Index
  • 07.   (1.50)
  • 08.   Century Schoolbook
  • 09.   Password
  • 10.   Artists' Rifles

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