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The Highs and Lows Of...

Jacques Caramac & the Sweet Generation

12” LP Album (elr003LP)
Released February 17, 2014 

VERY LIMITED edition picture disc (300 copies only)

Franco-Scottish-Bolivian group Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation release their debut album on download, ltd picture disc and cd via Everyday Life Recordings/ Rocket Girl on 17th February.

Comprising Jean-Baptiste Ganivet (bass), Raphael Mura (drums), Pablo Schollaert (keys) and Kevin Retoryka (vocals, guitar), JC&TSG take inspiration from ‘singing’ Eno, Mansun’s first two albums, the KLF, MGMT’s second album, Jacno, Bobby Conn, Can & Cluster to names some names.  

Is this a concept album ? Perhaps… Is it supposed to be a bit ridiculous? Sort of… Are JC&TSG a real group? Well, yes and no...


As far as the group are concerned, JC&TSG are observing their world, like the rest of us, on the edge of clever and stupid. (insert your quip about a fine line between the two here) From the chant opener of ‘Exceedingly Good’ via (previous singles) ‘Snowballs’, ‘It Takes All Sorts…’ and ‘El Dorado’ (wine) JC &TSG’s album is filled with products, slogans and twists of language. Alongside Guy Debord clips, there are double meanings, false pretences and other acts of play which may or may not be funny, depending on how you like to take your pop music. JC&TSG are not claiming to be doing anything more than exactly what they feel like, and being playful, like another of their influences Ian Svenonius writes… “If Little Richard were appearing on the scene nowadays, he would arouse the ire of the critics, who would resent his humour, his showmanship, his costumes, and the dada content of his songs. The same goes for Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry and The Beatles. The critic would dismiss these as comic or novelty acts, not be taken seriously, as opposed to, say, tedious and highly regarded Sigur Rós and Radiohead” - Ian Svenonius “Supernatural Strategies For Making A Rock’n’ Roll Group” (2013)

JC & TSG will be touring the UK for the first time in late Jan alongside their album release, looking for their very own ‘Bliss point’ - Web Twitter @JCaramac


“A tangled web of sex and confectionary as far as I can make out...” Marc Riley BBC 6Music


“Very, very good” John Kennedy Xfm.


  • 01.   Exceedingly Good I
  • 02.   El Dorado
  • 03.   Snowballs
  • 04.   Hope
  • 05.   Passive Smoker
  • 06.   It Takes All Sorts...
  • 07.   Liberté, Fraternité, Galaxy
  • 08.   Kream Puff
  • 09.   Walk in the Park
  • 10.   Exceedingly Good II
  • 11.   P.S. God Save the Pop Tarts

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