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Like all the best feelings, love doesn't really make sense. To really love someone, or something, requires a suspension of belief, or more accurately a deferral of reality. Experience teaches us that disappointment should come as no surprise. Yet still, we set ourselves up for that let down. Time and again, we fall in love.

Love is the reason behind Rocket Girl. A record label and mail order service run by Vinita Joshi, Rocket Girl is in love with being in love with music. If you thought this was the case for all record labels, you'd be wrong, but then if all record labels were like Rocket Girl then that might not make too much sense either. Rocket Girl represents an oasis of purity in a wicked world, a place where quiet voices get to have their say, where the scribbles on the margins of the page are revealed to be as important as the main text, and where beautiful noises reign supreme, regardless of their provenance. Rocket Girl records sound good and look good. To have one is to want to have them all. Like we already said, it's an in love with love kinda thing.

Here's some Rocket Girl history. Rocket Girl was born in 1997 when Vinita Joshi released a Silver Apples single. Hitherto, Vinita had been involved with running both the Cheree and then Che record labels, releasing records by such artists as The Telescopes, Bark Psychosis and Disco Inferno.

“It wasn't planned, it just started off as a hobby that grew,” she says. “I loved music from a very young age. I was obsessive.”

At the end of April 1998, Vinita left her three partners in Che and devoted herself full-time to Rocket Girl. Now she was free to operate without the constraints imposed by a collective operation. The second Rocket Girl release was a tribute to Spacemen 3, featuring a stellar assembly of charmed talents playing their favourite S3 songs: Low, Mogwai, Bardo Pond, Piano Magic, Arab Strap, Bowery Electric... Lovingly packaged, it seemed to sum up perfectly what Rocket Girl was all about: music that's both 'out there' and from within.

“I'm into a lot of different music,” says Vinita. “I guess my hero is Nick Drake. I like a lot of '60s music and lots of melancholy stuff, slowcore, plinky plonky Krautrock, spacerock - I'd hate to say I only like one genre. I generally like everything I carry in the mail order catalogue.”

Rocket Girl's mail order service subsidises the record label. As well as good business, it's a public service. Dip a toe in there and you could end up swimming for hours, making connections, meeting kindred spirits, finding friends you never knew you had. There's a bunch of them on the new Rocket Girl Compilation, look.

“I love the idea of discovering a brand new band and no-one's heard of them,” says Vinita. “It's giving something back. Randall from Fuxa was telling me how he used to buy all the early Cheree releases and grew up listening to them. Now he's making music that I listen to. Believe in yourself, then everything else follows.”

Rocket Girl: it's like falling in love. Again. Shouldn't make sense, but it does.

Keith Cameron