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Robin Guthrie

Robin Guthrie (born 4 January 1962, in Grangemouth Stirlingshire, just outside Falkirk, Scotland) is a musician best known as co-founder of the Cocteau Twins. During his career Guthrie has played guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums and other musical instruments, in addition to programming, sampling and sound processing. Guthrie also works extensively as a producer and engineer.

Following the break-up of the Cocteau Twins in 1998, Guthrie released his first solo record, ‘Imperial’, in 2003 on Bella Union Records. Guthrie's next release, which was co-written with Harold Budd, was the film score for Gregg Araki's ‘Mysterious Skin’. The soundtrack was released in June 2005 by Commotion and consists of fifteen complete songs based on the short pieces used in the film.

In 2006, Rocket Girl released his solo album ‘Continental’ followed by the release of two 4 track EPs, ‘Everlasting’ and ‘Waiting for Dawn’.

Two more collaborations with Harold Budd (who had previously announced his musical retirement) were released simultaneously in 2007. ‘Before The Day Breaks’ and ‘After The Night Falls’ were both co-composed, co-produced and played with Budd. Like the soundtrack to ‘Mysterious Skin’, both albums are slow, drifting pieces primarily utilising treated guitar and piano.

Guthrie's most recent release was ‘3:19 Bande Originale du Film’, the soundtrack to the Dany Saadia-directed film ‘3:19’.

This year will see the release of the ‘Angel Falls’ EP, the new album ‘Carousel’ and a further CDEP ‘Songs To Help My Children Sleep‘ all on Rocket Girl.

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