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Tribute to Galaxie 500


CD Album

Fitting tribute album to one of the most loved bands of the late 80s/early 90s- Galaxie 500. Despite their brief existence (consisting of just three albums; one on Aurora, two on Rough Trade) their influence can still be felt through bands such as Low and Mazzy Star, and the output og labels like 4AD, 9early 90s) CREATION, TUGBOAT (naturally!), K and ROCKETGIRL. This Lovingly-compiled, excellently presented double-CD features exclusive covers from the likes of HEFNER, BMX BANDITS, LADYBUG TRANSISTOR, MAGOO, ISAN, 18TH DYE, ORANGE CAKE MIX, PORTASTATIC (ex- Superchunk) GOLDSTAR (ex-Lemonheads) and PURPLE IVY SHADOWS.


No tracklisting is available for this release.

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