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Playground Adventure Split

Tirachina / Riskymusik

12” single
Playground Adventure (MM001)
Released 2001

Limited edition 12" in stamped generic 12" inch cover with insert. Limited edition of 280 copies.

"Playground Adventure is an excuse for Miguel Marin and Jerome Tcherneyan to release their music. It's a different way to see feel and create music. This vinyl shows just a few minutes of their lives day by day. All tracks were recorded at home."

Track T2 is not credited on the insert. It however does not seem to be part of "Virtual", but rather a stand alone track.


  • 01.   Paradox - Risky Music
  • 02.   Virtual - Tirachina
  • 03.   Untitled - Tirachina

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Format 12” single Price £6.00